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Good Season DOGS !

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UGA Fans have been pretty criticle this year & fickle for the last several years.(including myself)-And I understand why & how this happens. But although I was very saddened by the loss. I was proud of our team. Yes we made some mistakes. Yes our defense became tired allowing some big rushing yards. But I never really saw them give up. They played hard to the end. After all they were criticized about their easy schedule. And playing lack luster defense first 1/2 of the year. Being over rated. They played up to their ability last night. They hung in & was just a few yards from beating the best team in the SEC. If they played like that in every game this year. No UGA fan could or would have complained.=(well with exception of a few).

Our many years of desiring the NC trophy has made us fickle fans . It is understandable. Thats what happens when you have successful seasons but never reach the top. I was hoping that this would be the year. Murray finally had a good game, His game would have been really good minus the 1 interception that was thrown short & could have been a touchdown. Does anyone know how many yards that pass was? Was it with in his arm strength? Im not sure. But I feel like he prepared well. As far as our defense allowing so much rushing yards. Bama has 2 really talented RB;s. But some of the blame can go to our team as well. Our offense scored to quickly. They did not have many long drives. When they moved-they moved quickly. And our defense spent a lot of time on the field. This will wear the best defenses down. So in that respect we helped Bama with their cause to wear them down. But what do you do? Not score? I don't think so. But just a few long drives may have been the difference in our defensive play.

I have been long winded, but I just want to say. I did not hang my head last night, as I have on many games this year. I WAS PROUD TO BE A DAWG!


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