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Alshon Tells Chicago that SEC is King

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Alshon Jeffery is a pretty shy dude, so a former USC beat writer joked this is more than he talked in all 3 years in Columbia combined. But when a Chicago reporter asked about the SEC, he was thrilled to talk.

There is very little that gets soft-spoken Bears rookie receiver Alshon Jeffery into a lengthy conversation.

Not playing in Lambeau Field for the first time, not his first NFL touchdown in Week 1 against the Colts, not life in the NFL.

But bring up playing football in the SEC, and Jeffery changes into a hype-man before your very eyes.

“SEC is the best conference in America, hands down,’’ said Jeffery, who played for South Carolina. “There’s no better football played anywhere. I mean, the national championship has to come through there, and it will for years to come. The NCAA might as well call themselves the SECAA. We’re a force to be reckoned with.’’

They have been, and this season isn’t shaping up any different with Alabama and LSU now Nos. 1 and 2 in the polls, thanks to USC’s loss to Stanford.

“Man, that’s the South,’’ Jeffery said. “Down in the South, we just take pride in our football. Midwest, East Coast, they all have to understand that football is it down there. All the players, when we’re kids, all we talk about is playing in the SEC. We all want to play there. I mean, you want to play in the best conference, and the SEC prepares you for the NFL. The speed of the game is a lot faster than all the other conferences. That’s not just talk, it’s proven. If someone from another conference has to play an SEC team for the national championship, look at the results. It’s different, and they find that out.’’

SEC is king; just ask Bears rookie Alshon Jeffery - Chicago Sun-Times

Obviously he's not saying anything we don't already know. It's just funny this is the one thing that makes him talkative...especially since he's in Big 10 country now.


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