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Lady Gaga says No to Weird Al parody

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Yesterday morning the world-renowned musical parody artist Weird Al Yankovic was planning to post some exciting news on his blog: the release date of his newest album.

Instead, Yankovic regretfully informed his fans that the album release — his fourteenth since a self-titled debut hit record stores in 1983 — wouldn't be announced anytime soon.

The culprit? None other than Lady Gaga.

According to Yankovic's blog, recorded a parody of "Born This Way," entitled "Perform This Way," which was going to be the "one elusive 'big idea' for a parody that [Yankovic] thought [he] could turn into the lead single and video." He had previously recorded the other 11 songs for the album, but was waiting for his final inspiration.

Usually Yankovic will pitch a parody idea to an artist through his managment company, and only write the song once he receives their blessing. Do to his "30-year track record" of producing lighthearted parody, most artists consent.

The Gaga camp responded that Mama Monster would have to "hear" the track. Even though an artist has never asked Yankovic to do this, he banged out a set of lyrics in the middle of his Australian tour. He then sent it to Gaga's contacts.

A few days later, he heard back: “She actually needs to hear it. Otherwise the answer is no.”

As Yankovic points out, since she knows the song already, she could probably have envisioned how it sounds. But no matter. He cut a planned family vacation to return to L.A. and record the single to get Gaga's approval — something he never does due to the cost and time required.

He sent to it Gaga. She said, "no."

Rest of the story here:

Resolved: The Weird Al Yankovic/Lady Gaga Dispute


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I like how lady gaga wants to pretend her "art" is above being parodied by Weird Al. Hell it would probably be an improvement.


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