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30 minutes ago, hog_heaven said:

So... eating sweet tarts on the way to the gym? I could handle that! LOL

It is interesting, I think I may consider trying this, pick up a pack for smarties, sweet tarts or gummy bears and keeping them in the Jeep. Eating 10g of carbs worth on the drive to the gym on lifting days. 

Yeah, it almost sounds too easy and is such a simple solution to the problem of poor workouts. From what I’ve been looking at the pre workout carbs are really more for the next workout and not the one you’re getting ready to hit. I guess it allows he muscles to suck up all the glycogen and be ready for the next round. So as long as you’re reloading before shooting you’ll be good to go for the next workout. I think I’ll juat start with the pre workout carbs at first to see how it goes, and if I need to adjust later I’ll add in the post workout carbs. I’m going to dive in starting tomorrow, but I won’t do any carbs so I can hurry up and hit ketosis. If my workouts suck next weekend then I’ll start with the PWO carbs.


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