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Sterling Bailey - saw this on another forum

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wow, we got a good one - the Bailey boys are all top notch -

I was at our local high school this evening watching our teams play against East Hall. It was an exciting night where our Girls' team won with a late 3 pt shot and a free throw in overtime against a great East Hall Girls' team.

The excitement of the win however was unfortunately overshadowed not long after the Boys game started. In the 2nd quarter, one of our boys came down awkwardly after an attempted blocked shot and broke his leg. He laid their on the court in severe pain. It was one of those obvious Joe Theisman breaks and most everyone in the gym that could see it was immediately sick at their stomach, knowing how much pain he was going through.

As many of you know, Sterling Bailey, one of our top commits, played football for East Hall and plays basketball for them as well. He was on the court when this happened. After several minutes with the trainer and local EMT's trying to stabilize the break, the initial shock in the gym calmed down, while they were waiting on the stretcher.

Sterling, then led his team and coaches over to our injured player on the court, knelt down beside him and began to lead the entire gymnasium full of 500+ people in prayer for this young man! You could have heard a pin drop in this gym, but all you heard was his deep, forgiving voice asking the Good Lord for his healing power to touch this young man.

It was one of the most touching acts of Christian kindness I have ever seen. Especially by a 17-18 y.o. I am extremely fortunate to have been present for such a touching moment by one of our soon to be DGD's!!!


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