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Size of Bama's staff (not as big as you thought homo)

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The NCAA has begun a preliminary dive into football staff sizes, and after indirect comments of Alabama touting 97 staff members, the Crimson Tide’s staff, as calculated by the NCAA, is actually not even in the top five among Division I schools, according to an NCAA report obtained by

The NCAA lists Alabama as having 31 staffers, including 10 on-field coaches, one strength and conditioning coach, 13 football operations staffers and seven off-field or recruiting staffers. The number of graduate assistants was not available. That total would tie Missouri and Ole Miss for sixth in the SEC.

The Tide is credited with just one strength and conditioning staff member, which is presumably Scott Cochran. But Alabama’s athletics website shows the football program employs the NCAA maximum five strength coaches. In the case of Florida, Vanderbilt and others, the report does describe some designations on various positions as “not clear.”

Notre Dame led all schools in staff size, with 45 staffers, according to the NCAA report, followed closely in the top five by Texas (44), Georgia (42), Auburn (41) and Michigan (40).

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Earlier this spring, Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby said the NCAA Football Oversight Committee will take a “holistic look at staff sizes” within the next year, meaning the hiring of analysts and other support positions could soon be regulated.

Along with altering the football calendar as it pertains to recruiting, the NCAA Football Oversight Committee will take a “deep dive on personnel” and the size of Division I coaching staffs.

Bowlsby didn’t identify specific schools, but he noted one school employed a football staff of 97 people. Alabama and Ohio State are among those often thought to have the biggest staffs.

Since last offseason, the Crimson Tide has employed big-name coaches like Steve Sarkisian, Mike Locksley, Dan Werner and Chris Weinke as off-field analysts. Outside linebackers coach Tosh Lupoi started his Alabama tenure as an intern, and former tight ends coach Bobby Williams currently serves as a special assistant to Nick Saban after years as an on-field coach.

All of this, however, is within the NCAA rules, and the idea of changing them led Saban on a tangent following Alabama’s second spring scrimmage in April.

“All these people that complain about staff sizes, I mean, we pay interns really, really little money. Very small amount of money,” Saban said earlier this spring. “You would be shocked at how cheap the labor really is. It’s almost criminal.

“And why we have administrators complaining about how many cheap labor people you have, trying to promote the profession, trying to do something to develop our game and the coaches in the game, because how else do you develop guys?”

The NCAA noted to that the report is very preliminary.

“Six or seven grains of salt,” said Bob Bowlsby, chairman of the NCAA Oversight Committee that will have first crack at recommending staff size limitations.

Number of Football Staffers, per NCAA

42 -- Georgia
41 -- Auburn
36 -- Arkansas
34 -- South Carolina
33 -- Florida
32 -- Mississippi State
31 -- Alabama
31 -- Missouri
31 -- Ole Miss
27 -- LSU
26 -- Kentucky
25 -- Vanderbilt
18 -- Tennessee


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31 staffers and 67 quality control consultants.


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From the Tusc. Newspaper in 2013.


An open-records request by The Tuscaloosa News for a list of UA employees tasked solely to football revealed 24 non-coaching personnel, not including graduate assistants, set to earn an aggregate total of $1.6 million this year.


Which turns out to average $66,000 a year.


Maybe they have cut back since then.....




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Bs meter? Cut backs? When y'all gonna read Saban's rule book? I promise it's different and perfectly legal. It's ok. I'm getting used to being an over weight Asian from the South Pole. I got written into the book. Yet the sob decided to leave all asians with a little dick. Takes freaking tweezers to pee. Saban did me wrong making an Asian in a cold nation


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