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Here at, we are proud to update Rebel fans on the exploits of our former players who lace up their cleats on Sundays in the NFL. Ole Miss has a big presence in the league again this year. There are currently 19 former Rebels on NFL rosters, including two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning, recent Super Bowl participants Brandon Bolden and Michael Oher, and 2016 first-round draft picks Robert Nkemdiche, Laquon Treadwell and Laremy Tunsil.

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    • L.A.Hog
      I'd move out of the hell hole.
      Gamecocks defeat Charleston Southern 7-0.  18 K's in the game for SC pitchers.
    • smokeyone
      I have a safe but many are out in the open or on my workbench. My little girl knows what they are and what they can do. I teach that they are tools not toys. She wouldn't play with a saw so why would she play with a shotgun? Sh has used both as they were intended and seen that using them correctly makes more sense than using them incorrectly. I don't want to shoot anyone. I don't want anyone to break in. I don't want crime. But reality is my small town has a gang problem. Ignoring it isn't a responsible answer, neither is Next years approach of talking with them over coffe and finding out what drives them to lash out like this. I honestly don't care why they are threatening me and mine, I just want to be able to stop them.
    • smokeyone
        You wouldn't recognize Columbia County anymore. It has blown up with refugees from Augusta. It went from a suitcase community with open spaces to a living/working destination metropolitan region. Clarks hill has developments on it but little to no residential development. Washington road is being made into a 4 lane highway all the way to the lake. And it's accent has come at the expense of the consolidated Augusta/Richmond county. That place is trying to revitalize but falling poorly at it.  It seems like every few months something new is coming to Columbia county making it better. The only issue they are having now is roads. Grovetown didn't plan for the expansion so they need a total rebuild of it road system. It's not just Military and Mexican anymore. 300,000.00 houses fill subdivisions as fast as they can clear land to build them. Applying and Harlem are the only parts of Columbia county not exploding and Harlem is about to as Grovetown is getting too expensive for folks now.  And now is the best time for the area. With Masters week coming up the clean up and finish up is in full swing.
    • A10Rebel
      The recruit pool. Bring them all in and divvy them up. I love it.
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