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Auburn notebook: Tigers' calm pays off in the second half

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    • PuddingTime
      He's definitely earning his check.  I've watched all of y'alls games this year and it just seemed like Tennessee was either playing to their competition or wasn't on the same page or I don't know what....spurts of really great football and then spurts of what the hell?   The difference this year is y'all have been able to overcome those things early in the season.  I think this win is going to be the galvanized game that takes y'all to Atlanta as much as it pains me to say it.
    • Titans4Vols
      What he was good at doing this past off-season is hiring Bob Shoop. I had the incredible pleasure of watching John Chavis coordinate our defense for over a decade here, and Bob Shoop brings me memories of Chavis' defenses. So good at halftime adjustments. How many DCs in this game can gameplan to overcome losing 3 of their top 4 players, when those 3 will all be drafted in the first two rounds?(Sutton and JRM this upcoming draft, and Kirkland whenever he decides to leave) If Shoop isn't one of the top candidates for the Broyles award(top assistant coach in college football) so far, the award is a sham.
    • PuddingTime
      Joe is actually Freddie Mercury? 
    • DjCrenshaw
      Swamp donkey ain't no good
    • smokeyone
      Look Joe you made twitter   https://twitter.com/saaadurday/status/779807819704827904/photo/1
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