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Pleasure of Pain: Lifting with @Vol_Hoops

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    • Titans4Vols
      Arkansas is only favored by 1 point more(35) over Alcorn State than Alabama is over Kentucky...that is insane.
    • cocky4ever
      Most people here probably think I love Trump but actually I just think he is the only chance we have to get someone in the office who will steer us off of this unsustainable path. Hillary has supported most attacks on the middle class. She loves NAFTA and supported the TPP. And as Trump pointed out(which I'm amazed hasn't gotten more attention) the only thing that seems good about the past 8 years is actually just an illusion. Once the fed stops unjustifiably propping up the stock market we'll be right back where we started when Obama walked into office, only with a s--t ton more debt. And Hillary wants to carry out the same types of policies. So we have someone who supports horrible policies, is incredibly corrupt, and will assuredly s--t all over the constitution with her Supreme Court nominations.    Trump may may or may not do much better, but he almost certainly couldn't do worse. 
    • jacobp
      As is the Razorback Foundation.   there are more than two, but not money. Any funds directed toward the big three sports from the university are always sent back at the end of the year, usually with an extra $2-3 million attached   
    • TheRealBrave
      UGA has 0 talent at OL. True freshman QB. Possession WR's that cannot catch. Kickers cannot make middle-school level kicks. Half of our secondary are better at being matadors than corners
    • bobbyb0322
      No. Gary Johnson is a pretty successful business man in his own right. I mean, he didn't have daddy's millions to build his business from so he didn't get quite to that level that Trump did having everything given to him.
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