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Steele Dazzles in Finale Loss at No. 11 South Carolina

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Junior Keaton Steele (St. Joseph, Mo.) pitched a phenomenal game in the series finale at No. 11 South Carolina, but a double and an error in the ninth inning led to a 2-1 loss in Mizzou baseball's series finale at Carolina Stadium. Steele went 8.0 innings, allowing just seven hits, two walks and two earned runs. Joey Pankake's walk-off proved to be the deciding hit in the loss. Mizzou drops to 20-30 on the season and 6-21 in SEC play. Dylan Kelly (Roswell, Ga.) launched a solo homer in the fourth, but that was the only run of the day for the Tigers.

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    • smokeyone
      Empire. He is in multiple genres of making money. He has reached the point were he can lease his name to project and make it a solid investment. He isn't just a real estate mogul.    And do I think he cares about me? No. Nor should he. Our republic isn't about what the government can do for me or you. Remember JFKs ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country speech? I do. Too many people want the government to take care of them and make everything equal. Well life isn't like that. We have a disparate level effort being put in and should rightly expect disparity in results. Those that want the false equality of the race to the bottom should look to state and local handouts and leave the federal government out of it. 
    • cocky4ever
      Trump also hasn't left a state or campaign in horrible debt....so there's that.
    • Sean
      While investing his money may be a myth, he still underperformed the markets/ his peers by vast margins. Here's a little something from Forbes: http://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesleadershipforum/2016/03/03/has-donald-trump-underperformed-in-the-real-estate-business/#40d464085506
    • Sean
      Multiply it into an empire? That's exaggerating a bit. He grossly under-performed the market over the course of his businesses, left a wake of unpaid workers, lawsuits, and bankruptcies behind him, and still claims to be a "winner" and the best at everything. There's people with a lot more money that him that didn't leave that kind of middle class destruction behind. Call me crazy, but I don't see someone who's lived his entire life in the 1% and is so out of touch with the way people not as fortunate as him lives is suddenly going to be a champion of the middle class. He's lived his entire life in the upper class, s**tting on his middle class workers. What makes YOU think that he's suddenly going to care about you? Trump's run for presidency is all about him and his ego. That's all he talked about on Monday. I didn't hear enough "we" or "America" except when he said he wanted to make it great again. It was all "I have endorsements from.." or "I have property there.." or "I wanted to say something bad about Hillary but didn't and she's a big meany weeny and I think her campaign commercials are mean". There's nothing of substance in almost ANYTHING he says. It's all just babbling about himself and how he's going to fix America without actually giving a plan as to HOW. 
    • TheRealBrave
      I will say 400 yards total for Dobbs
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