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Anderson Adds Fuller To Coaching Staff

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    • Flea
      LSU is the only Power 5 team in a state with a tiny population compared to Texas.  LSU and Bama made out like bandits by bringing in A&M.  And to show how autonomous LSU is, wasn't their recent change decided at ULL game?   Houston?  A serious multi-year threat?  With their pack 45,000 seat stadium and limited funds?   They flash every few decades. They won't keep TH that long.   tu?  Can't compete with the SEC brand.  TCU and Baylor?  Self-destruct at least once per 20 years.   
    • Rebel WITH a cause
      I stopped watching it 28 minutes before it started.
    • GoldenRebel
      They will always play second fiddle to Texas.  And they are likely about to share their metropolitan area with a new Power 5 team in Houston that has the hottest coach in the country.   Both have all the money and resources they could ever hope for.  A coach isn't going to ask for something and not receive it at either.  But LSU is the only player in their state and they have autonomy.  That's the tie breaker in my opinion.  
    • 1dawgfan09
      TAMU is in  a bigger state with more folks and more folks with deeper pockets if for no other reason than sheer population alone.
    • L.A.Hog
      Trump didn't deny  not paying any federal taxes.... just wait for the audit..wonder which country he's paying his lower taxes to?...frick that semi wealthy tax dodging bastard....I guess I'm paying for his freeloading ass
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