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    • footballfan2708
      By footballfan2708
      Hey SEC fans! Prove that the fans of your favorite SEC team are the best by taking this fan engagement survey! It will only take a minute and will be extremely useful in the research of Samford University sports marketing students. Thank you in advance for your participation!

    • secsportsfan
      By secsportsfan
      It is that time of year when you can feel the excitement as college basketball hopefuls are vying for a chance at a title. But before these teams can move through all the brackets, they have to get beyond the bubbles. With SEC teams still eager for the 2013 March Madness season, the big question now is who is going to move from bubbles to brackets?
      Bubble Teams?
      Colleges on the edge of getting into the tournament based on an upcoming game are known as bubble teams. And according to Bleacherreport.com there are about a dozen teams in the SEC trying to make the move beyond the bubble, including:
      Arkansa Razorbacks.
      Auburn Tigers.
      LSU Tigers.
      Texas A&M Aggies.

      Not all of these teams will make it. But there are a few more that may have a good shot at getting to the end.
      Alabama Crimson Tide
      'Roll, tide, roll' is a familiar war cry for any Alabama fan, but if the Crimson want to roll on into the brackets they're going to have to do some more work. Sports writer Tim Keeney states, "A likely quarterfinal matchup with Tennessee could potentially serve as an elimination match". Team leaders to be watching:
      #12 Trevor Releford.
      #21 Rodney Cooper.
      #5 Trevor Lacey.
      #14 Moussa Gueye.

      Kentucky Wildcats
      The Wildcats have a long lineage of great basketball. John Clay at Kentucky.com believes "These Cats are too flawed...but a trip to the finals would surely convince the NCAA Selection Committee they deserve a spot in the field". Columnist Bobby Regan lists 5 things that UK needs to learn from their recent wins:
      Julius Mays is their best on-ball defender.
      With the win over Florida- they're the #2 SEC seed.
      Alex Poythress can rebound against anyone.
      Willie Cauley-Stein is their MVP.
      They have the skills to play winning games.

      Jerry Palm of CBS predicts Kentucky will be a #12 seed playing La Salle in the First Four game.
      Tennessee Volunteers
      Will Shelton and Rockytoptalk.com are bolstering the likelihood that the Volunteers can take it all the way this year. After last season's one-and-done tournament fade, Tennessee fans have witnessed the momentum lately and are positive the wins will continue. Shelton mentions what SEC viewers need to be watching for like:
      Tennessee needing to beat:
      Winner of Ole Miss and South Carolina.
      [*]No bid-stealers in current conference tournaments.
      [*]Winners to hope for:


      Becoming a Part of March Madness
      March Madness really is like no other tournament. College basketball fans rally in the stands with school chants that have been around for decades. They stomp their feet, yell at the top of their lungs, paint their faces, and are more lively and demonstrative than any other fan base for any other sport. If you want to find a way to participate you can get some tickets and head to a game, have tournament parties with your friends, or find interactive contests like at www.21st.com/landing-pages/en/car-madness.jsp.
      The SEC is going to be something to watch as their teams work to make it through March Madness. Get some tickets, or hop online and connect with other fans and find a way to be a part of the 2013 season!
    • kbugsdad
      By kbugsdad
      is it possible for tn team to make deep run
    • yl00154
      By yl00154
      Top fullback from GA class of 2010 discontinues Rugby at Georgia Southern University and decides to get back to football. With 4 years of NCAA eligibility, and 2 years of D1-AA Rugby Powerhouse experience is back on the recruiting boards.
      John Lee
      5 FT 8 IN
      215 LBS
      This player coming out of high school is looked at as a Division 1-AA/Division 2 prospect, turning down all offers to continue his academics at GSU and to play Rugby, but after two years of Rugby this prospect has become a explosive power runner. Each carry he runs through defenders with his low center of gravity, tree trunk thighs, and quick agile moves. Benching over 300lbs, Squatting over 500lbs, this player has transformed into a explosive prospect and will make a great power back.
      PROS: Explosive, Power, Finishing the run, Blocking skills.
      CONS: Height is a bit shy for the SEC, His speed is still a 4.77
      HS TAPE:

    • aTm 82
      By aTm 82
      Just read about this kid, bet the phone starts ringing in the Aggie Athletic Office more than it has been.
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    • cocky4ever
      Agreed. Even knowing how it played out it's still interesting to read an article that sums it up so well. We see programs fall hard in short time frames all the time(though ours' is probably a pretty extreme example), and most people from the outside of the programs wonder how it happens so fast. Truth be told these are almost always "perfect storm brewing" scenarios that outsiders don't see until the tornado touches down.
    • PuddingTime
      I agree.  I don't trust him to represent us at all.  He's more worried about seeing if he actually can do it. He kept promoting his investments and properties.   Middle class America doesn't care.  Meanwhile Hillary is too busy trying to con the minority vote and bleeding heart liberals into voting for her.   Who the hell is actually paying attention the middle class white America?
    • Possum'sSister
      My heart hurts today. My own fault
    • GoldenRebel
      Which is what we must get back to. States handle social issues. Fed handles trade, fiscal issues, and diplomacy. Unfortunately the fed has failed at those the last 3 decades. We've killed our economy through bad trade deals, high taxes/bad tax code, and war. 
    • bbqit
      Orgeron did a good job at uscw
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