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Phillip Marshall: Win, and basketball fans will come

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As another unsatisfying Auburn men's basketball season nears its end, you hear the same talk you hear in many other years.There's not enough fan support. Basketball is not important enough to enough people. But here's the truth: Auburn basketball, in those ways, isn't different than most others in the Southeastern Conference.

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    • smokeyone
      Seasoned senator? Dude she won her seat because Kennedy inexplicably crashed a plane in conditions he normally doesn't try to fly through. She was unchallenged the rest of her tenure. She was appointed Secretary of State to buy her off. She was coin operated as secretary and never bothered actually doing the job.    The only seasoning she has is doctor proscribed and being a bitter c--t.
    • foxflyer5
      thats what I thought preseason based on how we played yall last year.  but we are worse than last year.  I just hope we keep It within 30.
    • smokeyone
      Have you looked around? We are watching 1 candidate wanting to go full blown mortal combat "Finish it" on this once viable country and Trump wanting to put it back to a semblance of order. 
    • Coqui
      After about 15 mins of that s**t show, i felt like giving myself a lobotomy with an eggbeater. I don't think a single person changed their mind about who they were voting for, or gained any meaningful insight beyond the fact that both of these candidates want to wipe their asses with due process and the bill of rights.
    • bbqit
      Heard McElroy say it on radio on way to work this morning
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