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Post Game Quotes vs. Vanderbilt

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South Carolina Head Coach Frank MartinOpening StatementReal happy with our guys they're resolve, their fight, their attention to detail. Defensively we played really well. We played strong today and that is why we got 26 offensive rebounds. We didn't shy away from contact and when the ball went on the rim we weren't taking the hits we were getting through contact and going after the ball. I think that Vanderbilt is really good, obviously they don't have a lot of man power but they are as well coached as any team in the country for starters, and number two, they have old guys that know how to play. I know a lot of SEC coaches just like me that are going to lose sleep knowing that their center is a freshman and he is going to be in this league for a while. I'm proud of my guys.

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    • TheRealBrave
      I mean the bottom line is UGA isn't at a good level in quite a few positions right now. Our OL is dreadful and lacks depth to top it off. We have possession 3* WR's who can't even catch. Our kickers can't be relied upon for even 30 yard field goals. We are starting a true freshman at QB with the above problems. I still say 8-4 or 9-3 and I consider that a success. Kirby needs a couple of recruiting cycles to fix this
    • bbqit
      Damn turnovers
    • DjCrenshaw
      All them gator players talking thay s**t... got shut the f--k up. I often wonder if ut let's people get the lead that big just to make it look more impressive.
    • TheRealBrave
      He probably knew. He knows how bad we are at OL/WR/DB. Our starting LT is a white guy from Rhode Island
    • TheRealBrave
      They had it at OM -8. Every UGA fan on the Vent, that is filled with complete homers, saw us losing by at least 3 touchdowns. 
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