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This just proves that everyone associated with Texas isn't a lunatic. It's actually a well written piece that every fanbase should read. Below you'll find the last 25% of the article.

What do we do now?

We just did the most important thing. We made the head coaching job at Texas available.

Want to clarify the real candidates for your job? Make the job available. Don't attempt to contingency hire based on implicit understandings, facial tics, and emissaries who aren't empowered or tasked to hire in the first place. Eliminating Saban was as much an exercise in disciplining naughty billionaires and regents with silly hair as a referendum on Texas culture.

What you experienced was theater. An orchestration to curb a Saban coup from "dastardly rogue boosters."

We just started the real job search.

In the big picture, perfect, immediate succession is a pipe dream. And irrelevant.

What? Job searches are undesirable - everyone in the media knows that. There will be uncertainty. Our lives built on instant gratification will be in limbo for a matter of...days. And how unseemly. To be seen looking for a coach. We're Texas. What if...what if....someone rejects us! Real organizations already have the replacement lined up!

Replacement hires are rarely lined up. Most firings, though inevitable in retrospect, are organic events.

The need for orderly, controlled ascension is a fine goal. But some of the best college hires of the last few years came after a legitimate job search - with the early shoo-in candidates discarded or discredited or impossible to land - there were even multiple public rejections - and the press nattering about it all. Here are some untidy, surprising hires as a result of that process: Nick Saban. Pete Carroll. Jim Harbaugh. Mack Brown. Jim Tressel. Oh yeah, long ago - that DKR guy.

Here are some tidy hires, demonstrating lovely succession management: Larry Coker, Bill Stewart, Tyrone Willingham.

Look, hire the right guy tomorrow if it fits. But let's shoot down the fallacy that a competent organization can't post a job without having the candidate in the bag. You ask questions to get answers. A job posting is a question. After 16 years, Texas would do well to compile some answers and think about what they mean. We've been on dumb financial auto-pilot for far too long.

Similarly, if we're rejected by Jim Harbaugh, deal with it. If you think Texas should avoid going after 10s because they might say no and you prefer 6s for their easy affirmation, go burn your diploma.

Get the right coach. Do it on our own time. Kick the tires. Aim high. Deal with rejection philosophically. If that causes fan consternation, communicate better, more frequently, and directly. No one will mind the wait outside of the perpetual hand-wringers.

Everything else from the national media (the Texas job search has dragged on FOR ELEVEN DAYS NOW! WHO IS IN CHARGE AT THAT MADHOUSE!) is noise.

If you're nervous and concerned about the judgement of our decision makers, that's perfectly valid. I am too. We have no idea what Steve Patterson & Co will do. But if you're upset because Texas didn't have Nick Saban rise up from the banquet stage draped in lasers and smoke while Mack committed ritual sepukku in a perfected choreography of harmonious succession, you should probably reassess.

Mack Brown's resignation, message, media, and the search. - Barking Carnival


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