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Tom Smith and Paul Harris rumors about leaving the team

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Smith looks to be giving up football and Harris want to be closer to his I'll mother. Both were highly recruited 4* guys that are hampered by injury on he Hill. Smith came in with a ton of buzz but blew out his knee. He saw time this year sparingly and was considered the bigger back. A 1 move and hit the hole guy that lacked break away speed but didn't lose yards. Harris was set to start this year in a position of need but struggled with routes and injury to the point of taking a redshirt season. Both were expected to contribute this year. Harris was going to to be the 5th WR in a system that likes to rotate 7\8 guys and Smith was set to be the #3 RB behind Lane and Hurd. Harris will be a redshirt freshman while Smith will be a redshirt JR.


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      And you keep mistaking me for some ardent Trump fan. Don't know how many times I have to tell you, I voted for Kasich and loved when Mitt Romney tore Trump apart   I am about as far from a protectionist as you will find
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