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Sixers Directed at Mike Brown, Brian Shaw for Scalp Coach Opening.

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    • cocky4ever
      Agreed. Even knowing how it played out it's still interesting to read an article that sums it up so well. We see programs fall hard in short time frames all the time(though ours' is probably a pretty extreme example), and most people from the outside of the programs wonder how it happens so fast. Truth be told these are almost always "perfect storm brewing" scenarios that outsiders don't see until the tornado touches down.
    • PuddingTime
      I agree.  I don't trust him to represent us at all.  He's more worried about seeing if he actually can do it. He kept promoting his investments and properties.   Middle class America doesn't care.  Meanwhile Hillary is too busy trying to con the minority vote and bleeding heart liberals into voting for her.   Who the hell is actually paying attention the middle class white America?
    • Possum'sSister
      My heart hurts today. My own fault
    • GoldenRebel
      Which is what we must get back to. States handle social issues. Fed handles trade, fiscal issues, and diplomacy. Unfortunately the fed has failed at those the last 3 decades. We've killed our economy through bad trade deals, high taxes/bad tax code, and war. 
    • bbqit
      Orgeron did a good job at uscw
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