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    Smokey, Nova, WDave and Cocky Ive been on this site now 13 years and was a conservative voice that used to take my time with posts explaining my positions, bulleting my rebuttals but at some point realized it was futile to think these eggplants could comprehend common sense so I resorted to merely laughing hysterically with my retorts in the form of sarcasm. The reaction from the majority of the board to me was so eerily fucking similar to how the left reacts to Trumps tweets in the modern day, lmao. I have now over time observed you guys and others, aging and maturing and coming into your own, to the point, you guys and I are singing from the same hymnal. Its been as funny to watch as comforting as you would imagine. ......I say all of that to say that I thank God for the above mentioned posters as I love reading their posts, your insight, your wisdom, and man, the knowledge! and I respect that the majority of the time ya'll do all of that with an amount of decorum I can only imagine myself having. Please don't eventually tire and quit, please continue to post about politics in the manner you currently do. Don't devolve from an arguing standpoint as I have. I honestly think you "married down" when you decided to let SECTalk be a forum you chose to participate in. Possum and dawgbit and crimsonnation.........ya'll came close to being mentioned above but I see ya'll declining as I have! and I love ya'll for it by god lol...bbqit, you're sliding but holding Peace!
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    My favorite poster when I was young...
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    Ah... 2008.. back in the good ole days when there was only two gender pronouns and you weren't automatically racist if you were white and male.
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    No problem..... Herchel will post two more threads.
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    You wanted to put two of every kind on a boat.
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    Daughter is pissed at me. No big deal. We brought a king cake back from new o. My grandson found the baby. I told him that meant good luck and he had to buy the next cake. He said he didn’t have any money. This is where his mom got pissed. I told him he had to lick the baby’s butthole to get out of it. He did it. Mom got pissed so we offered her the baby. She left the room. We gave her piece of cake to the grandson for playing along. That’s when granddaughter said she wanted another piece. Grandson immediately said she had to lick the baby’s butthole to get more cake. Mom heard it and ended the cake eating.
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    The democrats “DID” what they accused bush of doing
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    All of this shit is even more reason to abolish the Patriot Act entirely
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    lolol McCabe lied during an investigation Steele was getting paid by the DNC (coughHillarycough) leaked to Yahoo while doing work for the FBI and then kept meeting with the FBI after he was fired and hadda hard on to make sure Trump didn't become president Ohr's wife worked for Fusion naaaaaa...nothing to see here
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    Yeah that's pretty bad for the FBI. Using a source known to be compromised to justify FISA warrants to spy on US Citizens. That's the surveillance state that every civil libertarian has been worried about. Just pay someone to make stuff up so you can spy on whomever you wish...
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    Something tells me you don’t want to play Nova of Dave in trivial pursuit. Both them cats no way too much useless shit
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    Look at the mess Obama walked into during his second term.
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    Providing them for transgendered too. Means @JoeGatorqualifies!
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    Good for you. I ruined my son from the jump. Made him wild as a buck deer. My wife bitched constantly that he was gonna stay in trouble, stay in fights and act like a barbarian when grew up. He's 17 now and he says ma'am and sir, please and thanks and grace. He knows how to respect a woman, and he aint scared to throw or take a punch. She thanks me regularly for making sure he didn't grow a vagina at puberty. It's a dads damn job, and too many don't know how or don't care to raise a kid anymore.
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    I almost fell out of my chair in laughter! Who gives a wild s*** what the Swedes think of us right now. They are in the middle of an immigration problem of their own. They are starting to limit immigration and also having to changes their welfare programs because of the new influx of people and more money going out then coming in. Don't forget about the crime wave that all the immigrates brought to Sweden. But thanks for your in depth coverage....
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    That Benny’s kids?
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    It’s already against the law for a 19 yr old to buy an ar. It’s already illegal to have a gun on campus. Making guns illegal won’t prevent the first two sentences from happening again. We have boys who think they are girls. We have girls who think they are boys. We have protestors being violently attacked by those protesting violence. We have free speech being denighed by folks who defend free speech. We have safe places for habitual criminals while those who create those safe places support the killing of cops while protecting noncriminals. Think about this for a minute. If it wasn’t for believing there are good people in the world it would be every man for him self.
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    Yeah no. This is so off and ignorant I just can't let it sit. I don't disagree there are churches that are morally sanctimonious, what I can't come to grips with is how every time I read someone's negative opinion about churches this is the only type of church they've ever come in contact with? How sorry I feel for you that the only contact you've seem to ever have confront you are morally, uncompromised, self righteous, perfect in every way, self proclaiming Christians. I'm out in the world every day and would love to chit chat with one of these folks. My church is not an anomaly with helping drug addicts and the folks you claim we find morally apprehensible.(https://www.teenchallengeusa.com/) these guys sit front row every third Sunday in our church. We pick them up from downtown, help fund the program and we've been doing it for at least thirty years. That's just ONE of our out reaches/ministries. We just sunk two water wells in Africa last fall, we did it because we sent people to minister and raised $20k for each well without any government oversight or having to pay for a permit, or without having a bunch of bureaucrats argue over where it should go, what contractor should get it, who should profit from it, and what network can we have showing us patting ourselves on the back to broadcast it. You talk about money guarantees from a government trillions of dollars in debt and then shit on churches by saying we're ALL walking lock step with our own moral compass. Any church that operates that way isn't Christian. We're all sinners, nobody is exempt from judgment and no church has the moral authority to pass judgment. You're right. The size of the problem exceeds our reach. We can only do so much because there is SO MUCH. I can "guarantee" however that there will be those of us who will pay our tithe every Sunday to make sure our outreach to every soul we cross paths with is met.
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    I thought Forrest Gump was fiction but it seems you do exist. So, it is your belief (cough, cough) that the FBI fully investigated Hillary and came to the conclusion that no secrets had been exposed. I wonder why the end result was known to many even before the Hillary interviews? Her own lawyers got to go through the emails before they were given to the FBI. How many are still missing? Now we have a document (Steele) we all know that was paid for by the Clinton Campaign and yet nether of your brains cells sees a problem with that. Just to where you can know it one day. That would be collusion.... Just for icing Comey was the leaker to the Times. Which again is against the law! But that's okay too.....Yeah! All that sure sounds fair and equal treatment alright. I do know history dingleberry and I also know how the government is suppose to work. Could you point to the Trump corruption you keep mentioning? For everything you can even name, I have four of five for that Obama did himself or allowed to happen. He was a good neighborhood organizer and little else. I hope he returns to it. Iran.... Let's see. They once held some of our own hostages. They openly claim to want to destroy us. We have sanctions on them. They are in violation of the restrictions given to them by the U.N. on their nuclear program. So, by all means lets get 1.7 billion to them as quickly as possible. By the way.lets do it on the sly. We don't want the American people or congress to know. Grease the wheels? Hell, we bought the car...
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    Here are some pics from a commercial he was in.
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    What’s alarming is the lengths the DNC went to in order to keep Trump out of the White House. From rigging it’s on nomination process to keep Bernie at home to paying the FBI to spy on Trump, it’s all kind of hard to believe. The fact that many dems are ok with this points to a much larger problem in our society. An alarming amount of people want democracy to die. And it’s coming from the side that supposedly believes in a “free world” and “tolerance”. Their intentions prove to be anything but. And they say the Republicans are the dirty of white liars and cheaters.....
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    I mean really, say what you will about the authenticity of the Steele dossier, but in any case HRC's campaign basically paid money to put her opponent under FBI investigation, that shouldn't ever be a thing that can happen but it did. The FBI used a dubious dossier from a tainted source to justify their investigation... and then justified it because the dossier was being cited in the press... how does that make any sense?
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    No matter what side of the row you sit, this should scare the crap out of you.
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    And it's honestly not surprising it's the same cast of characters over and over in all these shenanigans. Over puffed bureaucrats who think they're above the law. Every GD one of them should be sporting prison orange.
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    My job occupies like maybe 10% of my total work capacity. that plus the kindle cloud reader and kindle unlimited will get you far down the useless knowledge hole
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    One count was lying to the FBI by a guy Trump fired for lying to Pence. The two follow the money money guys were charged with procedural issues years before Trump ran. The other rolled over to protect his son and is a compromised witness at best. After a year of wasting our tax payer time and money nothing remotely tied to Russia has come out. To the point everyone has dropped the collusion case and is trying to scrape enough together to keep going past the midterms. The Reverend Wright stuff is fascinating. It’s like if Trump has spent years sitting in a church David Duke was the pastor at and everyone was ok with it. Literally blows my mind until I came to terms with the left are the left because they don’t think and reason like rational adults.
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    Nobody gives a fuck. You harp on and on about shit that not one fucking person cares about all while ignoring massive abuses of power perpetrated by your political compatriots. Trump lied about TV ratings? Barack and his cronies lied about spying on American citizens. Guess which one I'm more concerned with?
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    Anyone else think it's funny that the same group that claim most cops are dirty think the FBI is above reproach?
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    I thought he nailed the speech. I especially loved the part where luis gutierrez had to leave during the USA chant. What a true american.
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    The speech itself was good. It didn’t come across as powerful as Reagan but just as informative. Listening to last year’s speech and now this one Trump is progressing from CEO to President to Statesman. Not there yet but it doesn’t happen quick. He called out MS13! I’m in. I despise gangs. We can’t turn the country around without it being safe. He did leave a door open for democrats. They won’t use it. Not from what I saw. All in all I saw a better trump. Now for congress to get better.
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    I found Hershals Reddit account. He is his take on UGA from his last April on campus nd UGA(y) is wonderful! We have an amazing community here. You should look into joining Lambda to meet fellow queers. Also, we have a lounge just for the gays in memorial hall (and for allies) where you can take a nap, grab some coffee, meet friends, and print for free. There's sooooo much gay at UGA and in Athens. I <3 it! We're currently in the midst of Gaypril so there's even extra gay right now. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm sometimes referred to as Big Mama Gay of Athens (though I'm only a third year
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    Alzheimer’s....... everything is new again.
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    Momma says you'll go blind...
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    I ain’t no conservative. I ain’t no liberal. I’m an asshole. Deal with it
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    I was at a U2 concert in Ireland once and between songs Bono started clapping slowly, rythmically and said "every time I clap, someone in Africa dies".....dude beside me yelled out "well stop fookin doing it"!
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    We say grace and we say ma'am, if you ain't into that we don't give a damn...
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    my daughter is 31 and will take your money playing cards or pool............she got a bank managers job at 28 w/out a college degree shes a ball buster cuz of how I raised her, makes me proud LOL
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    That sounds good but i don't trust you...you either lookin for more farm hands or another kicker for OM... ...or lease up some cheap mexico farmland... ...and I know you ain't tryin to get @Benny 's hidin' ass back here on the boards...
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    Translation, you asked for a poll but don't like what it says so you're gonna be obtuse.
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    And some of you fuckers continue to doubt my analysis on this shit when I've been right a lot more than I've been wrong. Should start calling me Novadamus...
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    Your tax dollars pay for me to sit on my ass at home every day.
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    A guy spots a sign outside a house that reads “Talking Dog for Sale.” Intrigued, he walks in.“So what have you done with your life?” he asks the dog.“I’ve led a very full life,” says the dog. “I lived in the Alps rescuing avalanche victims. Then I served my country in Iraq. And now I spend my days reading to the residents of a retirement home.”The guy is flabbergasted. He asks the dog’s owner, “Why on earth would you want to get rid of an incredible dog like that?”The owner says, “Because he’s a liar! He never did any of that!”
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    At Lillo’s sitting at a table of 30 and one of the men said he had spent some time in the hospital. I inquired having just today buried a friend who died of the flu and he told me about it. I can’t remember all he said cause I stopped listening and began elbowing my wife when he said part of his treatment is taking viagra 3 times a day.
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    Seriously, their idea of compromise is they get 100% of what they want while everyone else rolls over and takes it. Just like this whole gov't shutdown and DACA nonsense. Their idea of a compromise is blanket amnesty with no extra enforcement efforts and they're willing to shut down the gov't to get it. Well we tried the amnesty now, enforcement later nonsense in the 80s and got hosed so there's no point in going down that road again. They want it, they need to give something up to get it...
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    That's just it, we now have 50 cents when the alternative was a big fat ZERO. There's no legal mechanism to tax money held overseas as the power to tax stops at the waters edge. Basically these companies are now choosing to pay the 50 cents when previously they owed nothing....
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