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    BREAKING: 9th Circuit Court orders Kim Jong Un to continue his development of nuclear weapons.
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    A few years back my 90 yr old dad had raccoons in the attic. I handled it but not until he had a chance to embarrass the world. Well he did it again. He thinks he has raccoons in the attic like last time. He still thinks the police dept got rid of them instead of me so he calls the police and asked for the coon patrol. Wtf?
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    You really think you'll lose the first two?
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    This is what the left is running on today... Murderous Dictator Meets Dishonest President behind closed doors. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-kim-summit_us_5b1eccc3e4b0bbb7a0e032d3?utm_source=main_fb&utm_campaign=hp_fb_pages&utm_medium=facebook&ncid=fcbklnkushpmg00000063 The melt over this is awesome.
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    As someone who lost a 20-year-old son to suicide almost 7 years ago, all the above is true. Before he took his life, I'd rarely heard of people taking their lives. Since then, I see and hear about it too often. Some of it is probably due to my awareness of it now, but I believe some of it is partly due to the increase in suicides. Since my son's death, my wife and I have walked in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) Out of the Darkness walks every year to raise money and increase awareness. I would like to think it has made a difference, but who knows.
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    On a lighter note however we just got this guy at the end of April...
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    Great post but it’s way too objective for zartan’s tastes. He’s much rather just stick to the “you’re an evil, old, rich, white, racist” and move on.
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    This thread gives me hope that the site may be able to get back to arguing about sports versus political bullshit.
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    UT can’t stay down forever but y’all sure are making a good run at it.
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    …...HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY EVERYONE...…. They stormed the beaches, they suffered in the jungles, they froze to death in the winter, they died from thirst in the deserts and they NEVER returned .... that I may have the Freedom to work where I please, worship how I choose and live my life as I decide.... Words cannot express, neither can pictures portray but today I honor and I remember. “The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten.” ................ Calvin Coolidge
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    Keep calling everyone you meet racist and Trump will have to start paying you for campaigning for him....
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    It seems like the people that don't like Trump is because of some moral reason. Things like he may have cheated on his wife, crooked business deals, or told a lie. Fair enough if true those things may not make him the greatest guy ever but if you judge him by the way he's doing his job and the things that affect you and I he's doing a helluva job. All those other things will never have any effect on you ever. Unemployment being the lowest it's been in years the lowest in Alabama and for minorities in forever. Him not opening the gates for more illegals but closing them..putting a stop to terrorist coming in our country instead of inviting them. Going to the men fighting the war in Afghanistan and Iraq asking them what they need to win instead of arming and funding the latest jihadist group. Supporting our nation's police instead of questioning their actions dealing with some worthless POS robbing thug. Those things and more he's doing affect you and I if he has strippers in the oval office that doesn't.
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    Building my bank account up to a million dollars is a slow process. At 57, maybe I shouldn’t take the risk of doing that the legal way either...
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    Taking bets as to whether that picture was from 2015 or before? Right now, as the law is structured, coupled with the court order I showed you earlier, you cannot do that when they claim asylum. The federal gov't is not legally allowed to keep minors more than 20 days and those proceedings take months. The sooner people get that through their heads, the easier this process will be. Secondarily, when your gov't, and it's laws, are so bloated, complicated and absolutely byzantine that actually enforcing them is nigh impossible without massive problems, it's time for a fundamental change in how you do business.
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    Depends on when she last showered.
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    What a shame that young and already cooking meth..
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    The next JME isn't scheduled till next year. If fluffy doesn't follow through pretty quick, we hold the exercise as planned. Trying to look at all this from the NK perspective, agreeing in principle to stop the JMEs may be the carrot needed to get the NORKs to drop the nukes. I mean your neighbor to the south, whom you're still technically at war with, is conducting large scale military exercises with their 800lb nuclear armed gorilla of an ally, exercises that are potentially practice for an invasion. From that perspective having nukes might be a good idea. In making peace, someone always has to de-escalate first and maintaining our alliance with SK while dropping the JME might be the de-escalation to start real change.
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    If no one else is going to state the obvious I guess I'll have to be that guy. Arky cheated their butts off in that last game. Why were they allowed to hit the ball so hard and not swing at all the balls our pitchers were throwing? It makes it as clear as day the SEC wants them and not us the CWS. It's a load of crap. I expect our AD to file a formal complaint any time now.
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    Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you’re a mile away and you have their shoes.
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    Had to have this baby girl put down today. Sad day.
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    It's definitely not I'm blessed to be lucky enough to be able to help out. My point is not everyone that believes a nation has borders or wants everyone to carry their weight is racist. I feel like black people have some problems but so do whites, reds, yellow, and purple people. Being honest about those problems don't make you racist.
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    Arkansas Razorbacks, the team that would win the NC in football, basketball, and baseball every season, if it weren't for bad calls and getting screwed by the umps.....in jacob's mind.
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    Ferocious looking bitch..... that me be one of my ex’s
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    Go back and read the article and it’s obvious. McCain can summon congress to work on a bipartisan healthcare bill? How long has he had to work on it? And what did he do, cast his vote to spit in the face of the bill he and republicans had all that time to work on. He can pass tax reform to create jobs? That’s already been done. He can continue his leadership on immigration reform and global warming? Just lol. Just admit that McCain spoke out against Trump on some issues so now he’s a hero to you when you wouldn’t have given him a second thought otherwise.
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    my reaction when Caracci air mailed it to home...
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    Speaking of separating parents and children, didn’t Slick Willie preside over a little boy literally being torn at gunpoint away from his dad and shipped back to Cuba?
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    And yet you compare our temporary confinement of illegal border crossings to Hitlers concentration camps. Oh and by the way, we have really nice medical libraries here. We just don’t house them inside of a massive phalanx like your country. Or is it a nation?
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    You are fucking disgraceful. Where was your outrage years ago? This is not a new practice, just a new practice by you and your ilk to smear the presidency, cause you got fuckall else for a solution. A liar and a phony, unworthy of the attention you so crave.
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    Statistically speaking the worst time to have a heart attack is while playing charades
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    That's why I use the UTjr. tag for Tennessee: in case someone from Europe soccer or Chinese table tennis stumbles in here and gets confused thinking we're talking about the University of Toronto.....
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    still, woulda been cooler if you said Buck Belue was still slinging in the Canadian Provincial Retirement Home Nerf League & Spa.
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    My tax cut is quite nice and I'm not a billionaire. Enough to pay our day care every month anyway, which with 2 kids is like a small mortgage....
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    watcha mouth or I'm gonna throw my dentures at you
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    I agree that new people who come here for sports talk may be turned off if a significant portion of the site of the front page threads are political, but the decline in posting happened before reaching this point. I think it’s both symptomatic and causal and just kind of naturally evolved to this point. Social media and the decline of forums in general probably caused a drop here like it did on basically every forum, and this forum was already a small town when it comes to forums. Everyone knows everyone here, but newcomers may have a hard time adjusting or they may just read as a guest and never make an account. The political threads certainly drive traffic and discussion though so we need them here. The biggest change I’ve noticed is that there seems to be very little team-specific discussion here like there used to. For example the last two years when I created spring practice threads they never saw page 2. You used to be able to come here and keep up with each team’s spring progress and get insight from each fanbase. There was a core group of posters that were fans of each team that generated a lot of the team discussion and then the threads evolved from there. Now most of the discussion is just general sports like the baseball or basketball threads, or the individual game threads. Imo that’s the biggest thing that’s missing, and it doesn’t take a lot of fans from each team to maintain it, just consistent input. Obviously things will pick up more towards the fall, but if we could get back to that point I think the evolution of the site and discussion would veer more towards what it used to be like.
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    Resources hurt for sure. That's probably the biggest issue. Law Enforcement is famous for not being a well-paid job. It blows my mind though, the amount of responsibility we have with lack of pay. Basically, you get what you pay for. You start paying people at 30k or sometimes below that, you're going to get people who should not possess the power we have. Lack of pay also creates a fun situation where no one will put in for unfilled positions. Pretty much every agency I know of is short on manpower. Which makes our job more dangerous and creates a lack of service for you the public. The perception of law enforcement and what the media puts on the news every night also pushes people away. No one wants to get into a profession where you aren't paid much and you think people hate you. Being in law enforcement and dealing with the public daily, I know that the media is misrepresenting how the majority of the public feels about us. Money is the main issue. Everyone wants better things; roads, education, police, fire, etc but no one wants to pay the necessary increase in taxes to get these better things. Some officers complain about not being able to do their job properly due to restrictive policies, but I've never run into a situation where a policy prohibited me from doing what I needed to do.
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    Use seedless, she gets pregnant easy.
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    When does the fuck bama thread start?...... asking for a friend 😁
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    Long snapper.. you can't put enough importance on a good long snapper. The height, spin, and trajectory of the ball.. Bama is replacing about the whole defensive backfield which I figure will have some growing pains but seriously I think will miss our punter as much as anyone. He flipped the field on teams regularly pinned teams deep and kept them in bad field position.
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    I wonder if we could send midgets to Mexico? They would rule and the trump wall would only have to be half as tall saving a shit load of money
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    Hi,I'm glad the three of you are back....
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    Im guessing the punishment is 6 games retroactive to last year.
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    I’d have pulled my dick out and shook it at the pitcher
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    Anything to bring down Bama and Florida is a good thing. UGA gets brought down by the season.
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    from Investor's Business Daily: "While Mueller has turned up no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, this "counternarrative" has led to: former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe fired for lying to investigators; Peter Strzok and Lisa Page booted off Mueller's team for virulently anti-Trump texts; Deputy Assistant AG Bruce Ohr demoted after contacts with a Trump oppo-research firm came to light; the quitting of former Deputy Assistant AG David Laufman, who played a key role in both the Russia and Clinton email investigations; and FBI general counsel James Baker reassigned after evidence emerged that he'd been in contact with leftist reporter David Corn."
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    LSU vs MSU today, can both of them lose?
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    Weight has stalled but the gut is still shrinking. Had to take the belt in another notch this morning....