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    HE is Risen! Praise be to God....I pray all my SECtalk friends have a great Easter with family and friends
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    Well, I survived the surgery, so y'all are stuck with me for a while longer.
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    In Nashville behind Belmont....
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    Im going out on a limb and going to assume she’s a hooker?
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    I’ve been waiting 36 years to bitch about people younger than me and dammit I’m going to get my turn.
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    I had to walk 5 miles uphill both ways. One way was in snow and back home was in the Sahara. Second grade it got even worse.
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    Head to the grocery section that's where they seem to funnel to. I been thinking of putting a stand up or at least a ground blind over by the health food yogurty isle...
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    Comey writes that obama sat alone with him in the Oval office in late November and told him, "I picked you to be the FBI director because of your integrity and your ability. I want you to know nothing-nothing-has happened in the last year to change my view." On the verge of tears, Comey told Obama "Boy, were those words I needed to hear....I'm just trying to do the right thing." "I know," Obama said. "I Know." Robert Barnes @Barnes_Law Didn't @Comey testify under oath before Congress that he never met with Obama alone? Maybe he should have gone back over his testimony transcript before admitting to perjury in his new book? Comey is a woman. How did ever find time to speak while gripping Obama's butt cheeks with his stove pipe down his throat?
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    Send me a pic and I’ll rub one out.
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    3 days post op if I get banned, at least i dis it right 😂
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    you can totally tell when youve been watching porn like this your whole life!
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    I guess that grainy picture looks great with your cataracts.
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    Our astronomy instructor’s son got in trouble at school. He’s in the fifth grade, and when his teacher was discussing the solar system, she mentioned that 37 Earths can fit in Uranus. All the boys in class had to miss recess for uncontrollable laughter.
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    I’m 57. When I was 11 my dad bought a Ben Pearson/Rust and an Allis/Chalmers cotton picker that needed repair. For 3 summers he picked for the public. Every damn field he picked had at least 3-4 acres that stayed muddy. Guess whose 80 pound ass got to drag the cotton sack thru the mud?
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    I’m pretty sure there are a few lines drawn such as Noah will not wear a pussy hat that zartan will sport anywhere.
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    Yalls dept will be moble
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    I pray for all of us in the path of these storms.....not looking good for most of us right now. Anytime we go from 80 deg down to 40's that ain't good. I pray we all come out of this well.
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    I’d let someone else “Volunteer” for that...
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    This is just the left scrapping for problems again. Here they are bashing trump for what he did “not” in office when clinton went full cigar and warren proclaimed women should accept being raped to show tolerance to Muslims while in office. Their hate has overcome their ability to be rational with their party attacks which is destroying their own party from within. What they are doing is wrong in so many ways. Showing this irrational behavior is not destroying the Republican Party but is the Democratic Party which is just as dangerous. Their hate is imploding a necessary part of our political system and I fully blame them for it.
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    He won’t go down as the worst but he will have been treated worse than any president
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    Scooter Libby was given his lawyers license back after proving that he was innocent to a District of Columbia court. Did Bill get his license back yet and yet he wasn't even convicted of anything. Comey has come out and openly said he leaked info. Did you miss that? It looks like only conservatives are ever convicted of lying to a government entities. Dem's? Its standard operating procedure.
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    I will pop out a cake at his wake. i also call dibs on the four wheelers
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    I don’t do anything cool other than play with my new boobs. Something about rubbing the last 3 stitches out
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    This is more proof that when you give an inch they will take a mile. This is the kind of stupid crap that forces gun supporters and the NRA to not back down. They know that if you allow them to win at all, regardless of how much sense something may make, they will likely lose a lot more than what they want.
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    Did big yesterday afternoon thought I was gonna freeze after it got dark but we pulled out a 4th place 20.4lb string all smallmouths.
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    or the fact he respects nobody's opinion but his own and is a condescending prick but besides that he's a swell guy
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    you got a boob job too???? no pics please...
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    Always. That’s his great grandfather there. They’re legit best friends
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    That me laugh.... When I was younger and single I talked a lot of crap to an older lady that I fancied. My johnson got the dry heaves before she let me go.
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    wife came outta surgery good and got her home
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    Late.... third shift Taco Bell.
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    @Tider27 Whassup asshole? Flashing a titty was all it took to drag your ass back on here??? Damn, somebody post a worn-out asshole and see if @Chalk makes an appearance...
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    Gummy bear cohesive silicone gel my good man, and they look awesome!!
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    Watch it buddy that's my ex old lady only I can call her a fatass lyin cheating whore.. We in a fight now because I'm trying to tell her 6yrs old is too young for a tattoo no matter if it is Bryant Denny Stadium across little Bear Sabans back or not...
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    Growing up we had guns for hunting.We only used the rifles to hunt with. There was an understanding that when the guns were used they were for hunting,deer,squirrels,rabbits,varmints,dove,etc... There are many who treat guns that way and train their youngsters to respect them,but those who don't hurt us all. Those that are irresponsible with their arms should pay a price for those that use these folk's arms to cause harm to humans. Owning guns is not the problem,allowing an idiot access is. Maybe making folks responsible for their weapon not being secure,unless by robbery,would make folks make home weapons off limits.
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    He lost me when he invited someone to his lecture. I'm betting that you also get a supposed free stay at a condo for attending.
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    Sigh...since when was Locke named a founding father? I think you purposefully (and wrongly) ascribe a Hobbesean version of the social contract to the one we call our Constitution. There is no message to the people in the Bill of Rights. It is a limitation, specifically aimed at and intended for our newly formed government, a warning, worded as sternly as was necessary, against denying life, liberty, or the ability to seek such from citizenry. And for the record, even if I were to count myself among the uneducated, I would not willfully make myself stupider by subjecting my faculties to one of your communist indoctrination sessions you pretend are classes.
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    Happy Easter!! Yes he is risen indeed
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    You as well UKat
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    Started making lures about a month ago. First fish caught with one of my lures. Also first fishing trip for one of my lures.
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    Guns are legal. They are even covered by the Bill of rights. If you really cared about life you would march to end abortion.
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    No he will blame the same football injury that caused him to miss the NFL
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    That nipple is enough for me.... .... but just in case I have a Belk’s catalog on standby