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    • brucehobbs111
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    • hog_heaven
      Watched the 1st half, went to bed at halftime, glad I did. Although, I think Ark needed this game actually. Just a reminder to not settle for jump shots but run their motion offense.  That loss dropped them from 3rd to 7th in the SEC with a very tough remaining 3 games, 19-12 actually with a losing conf record actually looks like a possibility now. I just hope that game re-focuses them and they can pull out some surprising wins.  Remaining games:  At Bama - Ark never wins in Coleman, even when Bama sucks. Vs Auby - Sr night, all the emotion, idk what to think of this one.  At Mizzou - Mizzou, will you please play dead in this game like you did last night? Thanks. 
    • Ently19
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    • zolocemole
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    • zolocemole
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