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    • possumslayer
      What could a metal detector do to save a kid?
    • bbqit
      It’s also a court house where people do their job. That’s all school is. A place kids do their job.    Im not saying that is the idea we should use but twisting it that way is childish. It’s just like a kid to demand the protection and when you give it he doesn’t like it.  
    • Porcine
      They played a bad game. Should have won 4-0. Walks, errors, wasted opportunities, and the umpiring could have been better.
    • dawgbit
      Also sounds like a bank. And a jewelry store. And a movie set. And a courthouse. And a sporting event. And a nursing home. And  Congress.
    • Rebel WITH a cause
      And Universal Studios too since that’s where I am at the Portofino Hotel with my wife... and my Yeungling Light...