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  1. SEC Football Talk

    Little doubt remains of which football conference is truly the best. Will the SEC win another College Football Playoff title? Who will face off in Atlanta this December? Will another one of our own once again capture the prestigious Heisman Trophy? Talk about it all here.

  2. SEC Basketball Talk

    Fourteen SEC programs strive to solidify appearances in the greatest sporting event on the planet, March Madness. Who will rise up from the parity in the West? Is John Calipari building a juggernaut at Kentucky? Which hardwood phenoms will leave for the pro ranks early? SEC hardwood talk inside.

    This forum is for SEC Men's Basketball talk only, not for recruiting, NBA, or non-SEC college basketball discussion.

  3. SEC Baseball & Minor Sports Talk

    The passion for baseball, women’s basketball, and Olympic sports in the SEC is unrivaled. Which teams will make it to Omaha? Which sprinters will represent the nation in the Olympics? Who will capture the Director’s Trophy? The rest of the SEC sports talk is here.

    This forum is for SEC Baseball, Softball, Women's Basketball, and other minor sports talk only, not for recruiting, professional, or other college sports discussion.

  4. SEC Trash Talk

    This level of success isn't attained without intense competition. This competition inevitably fosters the cruelest rivalries in the land. From inter-SEC schools battling for a symbolic bowl trophy to SEC schools showing other conferences who is the best, fans cannot resist the smack talk that comes with these rivalries. Restrict all trash talk to this forum. No exceptions.

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    • Titans4Vols
      Yeah, Jancek's famous man to man defense with no blitz on 3rd and 4th down.
    • Based Potato
      Lord knows that was the gameplan last year.
    • Titans4Vols
      Shoop knows how to cover it up with his blitzes, and with Martin out our secondary isn't too bad. We've got two good safeties and the corners are passable sans-Martin(who himself isn't as bad as he showed yesterday, but still isn't good).   Plus a big bonus is Georgia WRs have no idea how to catch a football, so we could probably leave them uncovered and still be ok.
    • Based Potato
      Eh, don't overrate the defensive performance. Our secondary is a liability.
    • Titans4Vols
      Eason(who I do think has a lot of potential, but he's just too inexperienced) won't be able to do anything against a Bob Shoop defense, so as long as DeBord gets his s**t together, we should win this game with ease. It being in Georgia is my only big concern. Will be the first time we've left the state of Tennessee this year, and first time not in front of a majority Tennessee crowd(Bristol was probably 65-35 Tennessee/Va Tech fans).