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    • zartan
      they're in charge, they made the decision you don't like it opinions and feelings
    • zartan
      you seem upset Patricia do you have sore boobies?
    • L.A.Hog
      meh,the dude wanted to start a stereotyping contest,just trying to oblige. Why do you dudes feel the need to gang up on folks.You think the dude is too weak to carry his own weight?
    • smokeyone
      It's not opinion to state that having communist (I.e. Voting for a communist) sympathy is a disqualification for a clearance, a clearance needed to hold a position in the executive branch of government during the 80s. 
    • JoeGator
      I don’t think you watched any of our games. Addazio took an NFL offense and wrecked it. We barely scraped by extremely inferior teams. Warning signs were there all year long. If you see a little kid playing with fire, you don’t just assume they won’t burn themselves until they do.