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    • 1dawgfan09
      ‘‘Twas on an MSU message board. It may not even be real. I just saw it and chuckled.
      9-3 with losses to Georgia, A&M, and Clemson. I'd love to see y'all embarrass Jimbo Fisher's squad but I feel like I need to predict a loss in a game that y'all should win. 10 just seems a little ambitious for now. I'd also love nothing more than to see y'all knock off Clemson. That game will be tight. Muschamp will get USCar to Atlanta at some point. I have no doubt. Such a random hire will turn out to be a great one. I believe he's found his home. 
      When that happened, one of my old bosses would look at the cashier and the person in line and say, "Adult illiteracy is a big problem in our country". I was actually in line with him once when he said it.  I don't think the cashier or the idiot with 30+ items understood.
    • cocky4ever
      Don’t let @smokeyone hear you say that.
    • RammaJamma
      It's that dumb shit that pisses you off the most..
    • L.A.Hog
      I'm that old dude who pays cash and exact change when available. But I always fall behind those with cards that don't work or coupons,etc. I've got two damn items and have to wait 15 frickin minutes for some dumbass who can't figure out how to pay for their shit.....!!!! A tip for these dumbasses,be prepared to pay for your crap,get it done and move on.There are people behind your ignorant ass... Dammit RJ,you struck a nerve....
    • dawgbit
      I'll be damned. I guess there was collusion...
    • Noah
      Election Systems & Software (ES&S), has in the past sometimes sold its election-management system with remote-access software preinstalled, according to one official; and where it wasn’t preloaded, the company advised officials to install it so ES&S technicians could remotely access the systems via modem, as Venango County’s contractor did, to troubleshoot and provide maintenance. An ES&S contract with Michigan from 2006 describes how the company’s tech support workers used remote-access software called pcAnywhere to access customer election systems. And a report from Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, that same year describes pcAnywhere on that county’s election-management system on June 2 when ES&S representatives spent hours trying to reconcile vote discrepancies in a local district race that took place during a May 16th primary. An Allegheny County election official told me that remote-access software came pre-installed on their ES&S election-management system.
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