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    • smokeyone
    • bbqit
      I need someone with a personality to hate. Saban just doesn’t fill that need. 
    • Large Marge
      Love me some Priest
    • cocky4ever
      Kind of confused....on the one hand I want fau to win since they’re the underdog, on the other hand I don’t want to pull for Kiffin. 
    • dawgbit
      He very well might have been. I was just paraphrasing the article. I dont really know. Either way the kid has got to look out for themselves, but it's indicative of "heart" problems in the locker room.
    • Rebel WITH a cause
      Keep assuming you’re God and never wrong. It’s bullshit and any educated person can see that. (By the way, your “assume” was not mentioned in my post - I guess you must have assumed I said it!)
    • Haymaker
        nope, it didnt bring a tear
    • smokeyone
      We're polluting more than we did previously with no plans to cut down.  We have a cabinet filled with morons and sycophants (especially Education and Energy) than are really harming those government offices. Little hispanic kids in cages is now a reality in trump's America We've blown a massive hole in the deficit. Way worse than Clinton would have done.  Tax cuts for the rich that aren't paid for Harming relationships with our most trusted allies and diminished standing EVERYWHERE  3000 dead Americans in Puerto Rico He's undermined our law enforcement and intelligence agencies The billions we gave to farmers as a bailout in response to his tariffs, not to mention the lost jobs from it  He's embolden bigots and hate groups. See "Good people on both sides" and the muslim ban Decreased international college enrollment in our universities. The next Sergey Brin or Elon Musk might choose to go to European schools thanks to hold unwelcoming we have become. Degrading many different groups, even trans people currently serving on active military duty   Show me some pollution data for 2017-2018 please. Not estimated numbers but actual data So anyone to the right of Kathy Griffin is a moron/sycophants to you? Nice tribal/jingoistic outlook You are about 4 years behind on the ethnic Hispanic children in cages. And using the derogatory "Brown" is a bit racist of you. The budget is a function of congress not the president. He was (I hope) still learning and got played by the left on that one. Tax revenues are coming in at a record pace and the cuts are the reason we have our current prosperity. Why is it that the left insists that socialism is the answer despite it failing every time but shit on tax cuts that work every time. We were footing the bill in a parasitic relationship. We are leaders of the fear world not the apologist for it. PR was given federal aid but their government saw an opportunity to try to upstage Trump at the expense of its people Undermined intelligence, absolutely. They should have been purged immediately  Jobs numbers are at record highs. Not sure why you think we are losing jobs. Bigotry was dying in this country until Obama made BLM and the left militia a thing. Oh no some potential advancement is being traded to secure our borders. Folks sexual fetishes need not be a matter of public record. 
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      Rebel WITH a cause
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